5 Tips to Spark Creativity in Others

A few months back, I met with my team to kick off a big project, my next book. I started by asking everyone to share their ideas and saying we’d run with the best ones.  We had a concept at that point but not much else. So what I needed were ideas—lots of them. Practical […]

GLS22 Special Edition Notes—The Power of Regret

You might be surprised to learn that regret can sharpen leaders’ decisions, speed learning and development, and boost individual and team performance. In his talk at The Global Leadership Summit: Special Edition on February 24, 2022, Daniel Pink drew on an unprecedented two-year study of regret—one of the most misunderstood emotions. In this talk, he explored the […]

5 Ways to Create an Irresistible Winning Culture—GLS22 Faculty Spotlight

Creating an irresistible winning culture is part of what Craig Groeschel does best. As the senior pastor and leader of Life.Church, Craig has led his team in such a way that has made his church Glassdoor’s #1 Best Place to Work for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses in North America in 2021. In his talk at The […]

Utilizing Differences to Build Collaboration

In the post below, Ken Blanchard (TGLS 1995, 2000, 2005) shares insights from his new book on collaboration. In our new book, Collaboration Begins with You: Be a Silo Buster, my coauthors Jane Ripley, Eunice Parisi-Carew, and I explain the importance of building a culture of collaboration in your organization. Believing true collaboration is the responsibility […]

Motivation: Are You Running on Clean Fuel or Dirty Fuel?

For decades, managers have been using “one size fits all” methods to motivate their teams. In his new book The Motivation Code, my colleagues and I have distilled over fifty years of research into what truly drives us. We explain that there are twenty-seven unique motivational themes in which individuals are driven to experience engagement and […]

Mastering the Art of Self-Innovation

If you’re a leader, by definition your job is to innovate. Leaders take us into a future that is different than the one we’re in today. We innovate the present to create a desired future. Often when we think of innovation, we think of coming up with new ways of doing things—a new product or system, service […]